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Vandalism and Business Insurance

Is damage caused by vandalism covered by your insurance?

Vandalism is considered a criminal offense and is defined as willful and malicious damage to, or destruction of property. Damage to your physical business location and/or its contents due to vandalism is usually covered under a Business Owners Policy. Policy limits and deductibles vary so it is especially important that you review your business policy to make sure that your policy matches your current business coverage needs. And, if your business experiences a direct physical loss due to vandalism, you may also benefit from having Business Interruption Expense coverage on your policy which can provide coverage for lost income.

Additional steps you can take to protect your business.

  • Communicate with nearby businesses and residents. Establish or join a Neighborhood or Business Watch Group in your area.

  • Secure entrances and exits including windows. Install and/or make sure that your security measures are in place and operating properly. These can include a Central Station Monitored Alarm System, Surveillance Cameras, and Motion Detectors. These systems can help to deter potential criminals and also help identify a criminal if malicious activity occurs. These systems may also allow for an additional discount to be applied to your business policy.

  • Inspect your property. Make sure that you make necessary repairs and consider upgrading with new building materials including impact glass for windows and doors.

  • Maintain good lighting. Keep your business well-lit and tidy. Businesses that appear vacant are generally more popular targets.

  • Keep track of inventory. Good record keeping will help in the event of a loss.

  • Limit cash on site. Only keep the cash on site that is needed.

  • Report suspicious and/or criminal activity to authorities immediately.

We are always here for you and available to discuss your insurance coverage and ways to keep you and your business protected.

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