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Tips to Help You Keep Your New Year’s Resolutions

It is the beginning of a new year and for many people that means setting new resolutions. For some it may mean getting out of financial debt, finishing school, or eating healthier and losing weight. How will you be able to stick to your New Year’s resolutions? Below we have some great tips to help you stay on track!

1. Be Specific. Write down a list of New Year’s resolutions for the year and make sure they are not vague and are realistic. Then prioritize these goals into your top 3 or number 1 goal for the year. The more specific the goal is the more attainable and achievable it would be. For example, getting out of debt may mean creating a list of debt you have incurred and arranging them from lowest debt to highest and tackling one by one at a time until all your debt is cleared. Remember, some goals may be easier than others. While other goals could take a process throughout the year to achieve. Do not overwhelm yourself with too many goals instead focus on one goal at a time before moving onto the next one.

2. Create a Plan. Planning out your goal into smaller steps can help make it easier for you to achieve. If your goal is losing weight with a specific # of lbs. and specific # of inches off your waist, think about what steps you can take to achieve your goal. For example, what food plan you will need to be on, the amount of time and type of workouts needed and realistically how much weight you will lose each day, week, month, etc.

3. Get Support or an Accountability Partner. Some goals we have may require for us to receive additional support and help from professionals. Whereas other goals may require the accountability and encouragement of family and friends. Sharing your goals with others can also help take the pressure off you or may even be motivational if you and a group of people are sharing the same goal together.

4. Track Your Goals. How will you know if you are making progress with your resolutions? How will it be measured and how would you track your goals? There are apps you can use to help assist you in budgeting your finances to tracking your weight loss and more. Besides apps that can be used to help track your goals, you can also use a journal to keep record of your goals or set up a reward system for reaching each milestone of your goal. Learn more about tracking your goals here.

Lastly, commit to your goal! Even when the going gets tough and you come across hurdles on your way to your resolutions, do not give up and do not be so hard on yourself. Focus on the small achievements you have made so far on your journey and keep moving forward.



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