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Ways To Save on Your Insurance in 2024

It is not surprising that insurance costs have been on the rise across the country and even into the 2024 new year. Many factors that are contributing to the rise of insurance costs are storm damage, the price of building material costs, vehicle repair prices, jury verdicts, as well as driving habits resulting in increased auto accidents and fatalities.

It is important to take the time to carefully review your current insurance policies and know what coverages you have especially should you be in a situation where you need to file a claim.

Here are six great ways to help you save on your insurance this new year:

Bundle Auto and Home Insurance – When you bundle your Auto and Home Insurance most insurers will provide a multi-policy discount resulting in lower premiums. For some insurers, additional lines of insurance such as a Life policy, Personal Umbrella, or additional rental or dwelling fire policy will provide you with additional discounts beyond the Auto and Home discount.

Drive Safely - Avoiding accidents and violations by driving safely is one of the best ways to keep your car insurance premiums low. Also, several insurers provide incentives or rewards for safe driving.

Protect Your Home – If your home is equipped with an alarm, automatic sprinkler, or smart home protection system some insurers will provide you with a discount on your home insurance.

Pay in Full - Save on fees by paying your insurance premium upfront.

Choose the Right Deductible - You may be able to lower your insurance costs by choosing a higher deductible. Remember this means you will pay more out of pocket for any damage to your auto or home.

Work with an Independent Agent - Reach out to your independent agent to review your coverage and find out if you qualify for any discounts. If you do not currently collaborate with an independent agent, research, or ask friends and family who know of reputable independent agencies such as Paroubek Insurance who can provide you with the expert help you need. We can carefully review your insurance to make sure you are adequately insured and may provide you with the most competitive insurance package to meet your needs.


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