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Insurance For Farmers Markets

The farmers market season is upon us! As our local farmers markets are opening back up for the season vendors are ready to bring their fresh produce, baked goods, flowers, handcrafted goods, and more for shoppers to enjoy. Whether you will be a returning vendor or a new vendor ready to showcase your new handcrafted goods or homegrown produce, you could be asking yourself what kind of insurance do you need for the farmers’ market?

As a former produce vendor with my husband and his parents’ family farm, I know that having insurance is crucial when selling to customers and protecting the farm. Here are some examples of accidents / incidents that could occur:

· A customer slips or falls and gets injured in your booth area.

· It is a windy day, and your vendor tent or sign hits a person or vehicle, causing damage.

· Your truck is parked by your booth area as you are unloading your produce another car hits your vehicle.

· A vendor claims the purchased baked goods you sold him/ her caused them illness.

What kind of insurance do I need as a vendor?

Product Liability Coverage: As a vendor you are directly selling to customers who come to the farmer’s market. Product liability insurance protects you when a customer claims that your product was the cause of their illness. This type of policy would help cover the cost of any associated medical bills, legal expenses, and settlements.

General Liability Coverage: General Liability coverage protects you against bodily injury and property damage claims that may arise from operations, premises, products, completed operations, advertising or personal injuries.

Business Personal Property: You may work with appliances and gadgets while selling at the farmers market which could mean the risk of damage or theft to these items. Business personal property coverage is designed to respond to these instances vendors may face.

What kind of insurance do I need as a Farmer Market Organizer?

Commercial general liability insurance insures you the organizer who is hosting the farmers’ market. However, this insurance does not extend coverage to your vendors or their customers. Organizers should require vendors to carry their own insurance which includes product liability. If you do not require proof of insurance, you put your own organization at risk. As added protection, you should require each vendor to name your organization as an additional insured on their policy.

Contact Paroubek Insurance and speak with our trusted advisors about what insurance coverages you need to sell your homegrown produce or handmade crafts at your local farmers markets.


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