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Indoor Activities the Whole Family Can Enjoy!

Are you getting the winter blues due to the cold snowy weather? Maybe the winter outdoor activities are not working so well, and you have exhausted every winter activity. Below are some awesome and creative indoor activities the whole family can enjoy doing together when the cold weather keeps you inside.

1. Balloon volleyball. This is absolutely one of our children’s favorite game. Blow up some balloons and play balloon volleyball. Or simply play a game to see who can keep their balloon up in the air the longest without touching the ground.

2. Create your own pizzas. Get creative with your hands and recipes! Build your own pizza and be creative with their toppings! You can create your own taco pizza or meat-lovers pizza or even a hamburger pizza.

3. Have a paint party. Grab some paper and paint and put on some old worn button up shirts or long sleeves and get painting! You can be creative with your own painting or follow step by step painting tutorials online for anything you want paint.

4. Obstacle course time. Have no fear, create an obstacle course. Not only will this be fun as you plan the obstacle course, but it will be even more fun when you challenge each other after you create the course. You can use cushions and pillows and all sorts of things that can be found in your home. Learn how to build an indoor obstacle course here.

5. Turn up the MUSIC. Put some music on and dance. If you are feeling adventurous gather a few chairs around and play musical chairs. Maybe you have a few rising stars- why not karaoke to your favorite songs? Or play a game of freeze dance, where you dance when the music comes on and when the music stops you must strike a pose for 10 seconds and stay standing to stay in the game.

6. Bring the bowling alley inside. DIY your own bowling pins for your bowling game. You can use empty milk bottles, or soda bottles to create the bowling pins. Add some paint inside to make the pins colorful. And even adding sand on the bottom of each bottle will make it more challenging for older kids to knock the bowling pins down. Read more here.

7. Create an indoor hopscotch! Use tape and create an indoor hopscotch on a hard or soft carpet area. An indoor hopscotch game will keep you and your kids active and jumping for hours! Try these fun hopscotch variations here.

8. Build an indoor fort. Instead of building a fort outside with the snow. Gather all the kids and get some tables and chairs and blankets and build your own indoor fort. After you are finish why not have a picnic inside the fort you just made?

Have fun with these creative and fun indoor activities to keep your family active and happy.

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