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Homeowners Insurance and Trampolines

Do you own a trampoline at your home? Or are you planning to purchase a trampoline? Some insurance companies may allow you to have a trampoline and can extend coverage for trampoline-related injuries and damages which may result in higher premium for your homeowner’s insurance. For example, if a person outside of your household gets hurt while jumping on your trampoline, they may hold you responsible and sue you to pay for their injuries. If your home insurer allows coverage for trampoline-related injuries your personal liability coverage will help cover these medical costs for that person or third party.

In addition, your home insurer may have specific trampoline eligibility rules as to what type of trampoline can be on the home, whether there needs to be enclosures or netting required (protective netting is often required or encouraged) and may advise on safety precautions that will need to be put in place for using the trampoline.

Having a trampoline on the home can pose another risk which is the possibility of damage to your home. If your home insurer allows coverage for trampolines, even if a windstorm occurs and causes the trampoline to hit your home, you will have coverage for the damage from your dwelling or other structures coverage to pay for the damage.

On the other hand, some insurance companies will not allow trampolines on a home and will exclude coverage.

If you purchase one on your property, they may choose to cancel or non-renew your policy. Therefore, it is best to contact your insurance agent to notify them if you plan to purchase a trampoline. If you do not notify your insurance agent or carrier about having a trampoline on your property, they may decline coverage for any trampoline-related injury or damage.

· Adult supervision at all times

· Only one jumper on the trampoline at a time

· No somersaults performed

· Adequate protective padding on the trampoline that is in good condition and appropriately placed

· Check all equipment often

· When damaged, protective padding, the net enclosure, and any other parts should be repaired or replaced


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