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Do I need Insurance for my Hobby Farm?

A hobby farm is a small farm that does not rely on the farm as its primary source of income for your home and family. Even if you are not a farmer, but you own a small farm or ranch your primary homeowner’s insurance may not provide the extra protection you need because of the different risks that comes with having a farm.

Below we have highlighted some exposures that Steve Smits, hobby farm insurance specialist for Secura Insurance advises for homeowners when considering if hobby farm insurance applies to them:

  • Product and premise liability: Business and farming activities are usually not covered on most homeowners’ insurance. Therefore, if your hobby farm starts generating a profit, you are conducting a business activity that is outside the norm of a standard homeowner’s policy. For example, taking produce or farm grown products on your hobby farm to sell at a farmers’ market exposes you to liability for food-based illnesses, property damage, or other accidents.

  • Livestock liability: Most standard homeowner policies provides coverage for domestic animal liabilities such as dog bites. Yet, as a hobby farmer you may have other types of animals on your farm like goats, chickens, cows, or horses. With these different and even sometimes bigger animals, you run a greater risk of more harm and damage if they cause harm to others or damage property.

  • Livestock property coverage. If you have high-value animals, livestock property coverage can provide compensation if those animals are stolen or killed in a storm or vehicle collision.

  • Farm personal property. Hobby farmers usually have farm equipment such as tractors, plows, seeders, balers, etc. You may need additional protection to make sure these items are properly insured. Discuss with your insurance agent how to ensure your farm personal property and what necessary coverages you may need for them.

  • Farm outbuildings. Many farms have additional buildings or structures such as pole barns and sheds that a standard homeowners insurance policy does not cover. It is important to discuss with your insurance agent what options are available when it comes to insuring these additional farm outbuildings.

Contact Paroubek Insurance to learn how to keep your hobby farm properly insured and protected.



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