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Why Booster Clubs Need Business Insurance

There are many types of booster clubs such as school-based programs like athletics, academic, arts, music, etc. to non-based programs from elementary through university levels. Booster clubs are usually non-profit, volunteer-based organizations mainly run by parents to help provide fundraising and volunteer services. Nonetheless, booster clubs can also be exposed to many insurance risks especially when hosting sponsored events to fundraising sales, and even with the decisions they make regarding managing donations and funds.

Types of Insurance Coverages for Booster Clubs:

1. General Liability Insurance: This coverage protects the club in the event of claims from accidents and injuries to individuals. Carrying general liability insurance will also help protect your personal assets, your Booster Club, and your school district from the threat of financial loss and lawsuits.

2. Property Insurance: If your booster club has a facility where you meet and hold events, this coverage helps cover the loss of property or assets of the club, such as damage to facilities, owned and rented equipment, and inventory you have for merchandising or fundraising.

3. Medical Insurance: Booster clubs host many events and sponsored activities which in some cases result in accidents or incidents where a person may get hurt. Medical insurance coverage will help pay for the out-of-pocket expenses for an injured third party.

4. Director and Officer Liability Insurance: Director and Officer Liability Insurance or often called D&O provides coverage for directors and officers as it pertains to their legal responsibilities when serving the organization. Board members can be sued for the decisions they make for the organization whether the decisions are made individually or as a club and from everything to the use and managing of funds and donations, to where they choose to hold an event or activity, etc.

Booster clubs can be small and for others can become very large with many members, officers and directors and depending on the size of the club that can mean more insurance risks.

Contact Paroubek Insurance and speak to our trusted insurance advisors to see what coverages you need in place to protect your booster club, members, and officers.



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