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When an Employee Sues

We all know of at least one business or business owner that we admire. They have a successful business and they have become one of the most loved employers. They receive several employment applications each week from prospective employees wanting to get their foot in the door.

Imagine this, one day this employer receives a certified letter, and they are being sued. A former employee is claiming wrongful termination and age discrimination. There were several documented incidents with this employee for poor performance. After three poor performance reviews and warnings, the company had to part ways with the employee. The position was then filled by an outside applicant. Regardless of the documentation, this business owner now must defend themselves and their business against this claim. As a business owner, what if this were to happen to you? Would you be okay?

It may be hard to imagine this scenario because you have worked hard to build your team using high standards and selection criteria. But the reality is that these situations are becoming more and more common. The good news is that there is insurance coverage available for just this type of situation. And the even better news is that its more affordable coverage than you would think.

Given the rise of claims for wrongful termination & discriminatory employment or hiring practices, we highly encourage business owners to include Employment Practices Liability Insurance (EPLI) as part of their overall Risk Management portfolio. Any business that has employees should consider this.

In the end, your business can do everything right. You hire well, devote time to continued training and treat your employees with respect. But that does not ensure that you won’t be faced with an employment practices claim.

Contact Paroubek Insurance Agency today for more information on this coverage and a thorough review of your insurance.


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