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Special Event Insurance

Special event insurance can be a short-term insurance policy for a public or private event. Festivals, reunions, sporting events, beauty pageants, auctions, concerts, or dances, are just some of the thousands of special events that may require special event insurance. In addition, certain venues may require that you have insurance for your special event.

If you are holding a special event here are 4 reasons you should consider getting Special Event insurance:

1. Keeps Coverage Separate – Depending on the policyholder and type of event, you might not want an event-related claim to affect your other coverage and limits. You may also need to provide additional insured coverage, for event organizers or other contracted parties.

2. Liquor Liability – Many special events bring together liquor and large groups of people — a risky combination. Liquor liability protects you from issues on- and off-site of the event.

3. Special Event Auto – Valet service is probably not part of your daily routine, but it could be a significant risk for a special event. Special event auto also protects hired/non-owned autos for individuals running errands for the event.

4. Event Cancellation – This coverage is used to protect you in the case of cancellation due to unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather, or a vendor such as the photographer or caterer doesn’t show. This usually covers the loss of deposits and costs already paid in advance.

Before purchasing special event insurance, it is a good idea to see whether there is any coverage already provided through credit cards you might be using, or through your homeowners, auto insurance or any other policies you may already have. Make sure to you know what specifically is and is not covered by your current policy.

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