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Smart-Home Tech Upgrades

As technology is ever advancing each day, upgrades to homes are also becoming “Smart-Friendly”. Smart home technology allows features in your basic home to be fitted with internet-connected technology in the form of either automation or remote control. Smart-Home technology can save on utility costs, increase security in a home, and hopefully making it more convenient and attracting to buyers if you are looking to sell. We have researched the web and have found 6 easy smart-home tech upgrades you can make to your home:

1. Smart Wi-Fi Thermostat. When we bought our first home, it was installed with a smart wi-fi thermostat. The thermostat controls both the heating and air conditioner, has voice control, and geofencing which enables us to automatically adjust the temperature as we leave and return home. Also, since it has Wi-Fi accessibility, we can change the temperature from the convenience of our smartphones even when we are away from home. This is a great way to save money on heating and cooling bills every month.

2. Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. Often, we forget to check the batteries in our smoke and carbon monoxide detectors and do not know if they are past their expiration dates. Smart-home smoke and carbon monoxide detectors will send alerts to your smartphone when the alarm goes off or when the battery runs low.

3. Video Doorbell. The doorbell rings and you need to check to see who is at the door. Instead of peeking through the front door window or opening the blinds to the front windows why not install a video doorbell? Video doorbells make it safer to see who is at the front door. When someone presses the doorbell or when motion is detected, the video doorbell sends an alert to a smartphone and saves a video clip of the activity.

4. Smart Door Locks. Door locks have become more and more advance than your average traditional lock. Smart door locks come with a variety of features such as voice commands, push and email notifications, and tamper and forced entry alarms that warn you of a possible break-in. Others will allow you to lock your door from anywhere by using their mobile app or a web app. In addition, more advanced smart door locks allow you to add permanent and temporary users to have entry to your home as well on specific days and times throughout the week. A great feature to other smart door locks is the keyless touchpads for when you do not have your phone or keys. Touchpads are attached to the front door and allows you to enter a code to gain entry to your home. Be mindful with all smart door locks just like every smart device, features vary from brand to brand. The more features on a smart device can mean spending more money so know how much you are willing to budget when looking for smart-technology devices.

5. Smart Home Surveillance Cameras. Many of the new security cameras are completely wireless and do not require to be plugged into an outlet. With its ability to connect to Wi-Fi it is easier to have a security camera system installed inside and outside of the home. When looking for a security camera system, make sure you find one in your budget, check the image quality, smart features that come along with the device, check for easy installation, night vision and read up on customer reviews. Some security cameras can easily be connected to an Alexa, Fire TV, or Google Nest device, etc. and live viewing can be seen on the smart device.

6. Smart LED Light bulbs. This is the easiest smart-friendly upgrade anyone can make to their home. Smart LED light bulbs can be controlled by a wi-fi-enabled smartphone, tablet, or voice device. These light bulbs are easy to dim and change the color of light. Smart Wi-fi lighting can also be set up to turn on when you wake up or come into the home. How convenient and energy efficient can your home get!

Discounts and Savings

There are also some utility companies that may offer rebates to customers for installing energy-efficient smart home devices. If you are planning to make upgrades to your home, check with your local utility company and see what energy efficient and smart home technology devices you can install to save on your utility bill.

In addition, some insurance carriers now offer price breaks and discounts on smart home security devices, as well as premium discounts for having security products installed. Every insurance carrier is different and may prefer a security system that is monitored by a security company such as ADT to qualify for a discount on your home insurance premium. Be sure to doublecheck with your insurance carrier to see which smart devices qualify for a discount.

Contact Paroubek Insurance today at (920) 347-9115 to learn more about saving money on your home insurance premiums and to find the best coverages to protect your family and home!


What's the cost of that Smart door bell with the lock and are those locks are available at locksmith stores?


7 Smart Home Upgrades That Will Pay Off Later

  • 1) Smart Thermostat. It's no surprise that a well-chosen smart thermostat goes down a storm with potential homebuyers. ...

  • 2) Smart Video Doorbell. ...

  • 3) Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors. ...

  • 4) Smart Lock. ...

  • 5) Smart Toilet. ...

  • 6) Smart shades. ...

  • 7) Smart Appliances.

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