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Shop “Small Business Saturday” and Support Small Businesses this Holiday Season!

Small businesses are important because they help provide jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs as well as foster local economies and keep money closer to home. Help keep small businesses open and shop local this Holiday season during “Small Business Saturday” which is on Saturday, November 27. Downtown Green Bay, Olde Main Street and Broadway Districts as well as Downtown De Pere, Downtown Appleton, etc. will be offering one-of-a-kind gifts, sales, specials, “Choose Local” holiday challenges, and more. Many local cities will include a list of participating business deals online as well as chances to win great prizes.

Other ways to help support small businesses:

· Practice Patience. Even small businesses are facing supply-chain issues, delayed shipping and more. It is great to support small businesses with your money and to practice patience with orders, waiting lines, and service from employees.

· Use Your Voice. Leaving positive reviews or by sharing a photo on social media or talking to others helps show your support of small businesses. If you can’t support with your wallet, you can show support for small businesses with your voice (word of mouth marketing).

· Think Local. Locally own businesses may have what you are looking for instead of large chain retailers. Local businesses can provide unique and artisan-made items that you can’t find elsewhere. Give a gift that is unique and support local businesses in your area.

· Support local bakeries, butchers, and special food stores. With holiday gatherings, don’t forget to grab specially baked goods from your local café and bakery or purchase your main course from a local butcher. Leftovers from your holiday gatherings can be packaged as a meal for guests to enjoy later at home or to freeze.

· Shop Early. Why wait until Black Friday, if you love a product or item from your local small business chances are it might be gone before you get there or there is only a limited quantity. Be sure to purchase early to ensure your gifts are delivered on time.

· Purchase gift cards. Purchasing gift cards from local businesses help take the guess work out of gift giving while supporting small businesses and avoiding shipping delays.

Visit links below for more info on Small Business Saturday in your local area: Sources:


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