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Life Insurance Awareness Month

September is Life Insurance Awareness Month!

"Every September, the industry — led by Life Happens — comes together to sponsor Life Insurance Awareness Month. This campaign is designed to educate consumers about the importance of life insurance and the role it plays in protecting families’ financial security. LIMRA is proud to support Life Insurance Awareness Month (LIAM)."

What is Life Insurance? Why is it important. September is Life Insurance month! A life insurance policy guarantees the life insurance provider will pay a specific sum of money to your named beneficiaries when you die, in exchange for premiums you pay to them during your lifetime.

There are several benefits of a Life Insurance policy for you and your loved ones such as:

1. Replace income for dependents.

2. Pay for immediate expenses such as funeral and burial costs, mortgage or rent, etc.

3. Pay for ongoing expenses i.e., food, housing, utilities, etc.

4. Pay federal “death” taxes and state “death” taxes.

5. Make significant charitable contributions.

6. Pay for future expenses such as college costs or retirement.

Life Insurance does not have to be scary or difficult. Contact Paroubek Insurance and get the knowledge and expertise you need about choosing life insurance from one of our trusted advisors.


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