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Insurance for Salons & Day Spas

Salons and Day Spa’s not only provide routine haircuts and grooming but also a getaway for clients to relax and escape from the stress of daily life. Self-care has become a priority as many invest in their own health and well-being. Whether you are a chair/booth renter or own an entire salon & spa, there are important things to remember to keep your guests, employees, and facility properly protected so that guests can continue to enjoy the services and environment you provide.

Does it matter if you have employees, renters/independent technicians, or both? Yes! If you have renters, then it is crucial that those independent technicians obtain and maintain their own insurance. And the insurance company that covers the main establishment should be aware of the total number of employees and independent technicians present.

Are all your services covered? Many assume that their “salon & spa policy” covers all services. However, this is not always the case. It is important that you review your policy and are aware of any services that may be excluded from coverage.

Professional Liability vs General Liability. Both professional and general liability should be part of your policy. General Liability Insurance protects from claims of bodily injury or property damage arising out of your operations. As an example, someone slips and falls from wet floor not properly dried or marked. Professional Liability provides protection from claims that arise from negligence or the rendering/failing to render your professional services. An example of this type of claim would be leaving a chemical solution on the hair for too long causing a burn to a client’s scalp.

Loss of Income. What happens if there is a fire in your business? Obviously, you need to go through the process to restore the building and replace and property. But you also continue to have bills to pay. Loss of income can provide coverage for interruptions for your business so that you can stay on track while you get the business back up and running.

There are numerous other coverages to consider when insuring your spa or salon. Depending on your business and operations you may also need Cyber Coverage, Employment Practices Liability, Equipment Breakdown coverage, and a Workers Compensation Policy just to name a few.

If you are unsure of the coverage you need then contact Paroubek Insurance. The beauty industry is constantly changing, and your insurance should change with you. We have multiple options for Beauty Industry Professionals and Businesses, and we are happy to look at options and help you determine what is best for your business.


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