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Does Homeowners Insurance Provide Identity Theft Coverage?

Did you know that a homeowners insurance policy can provide coverage to assist a person who is a victim of identity theft? This coverage is most often an additional coverage that can be added to a homeowners insurance policy. The most common type of coverage a home insurance policy would provide for identity theft would be reimbursement coverage for you and your family for expenses incurred to recover from your identity fraud such as attorney fees, long-distance phone charges, and lost wages. Also, some carriers may offer access to identity theft services that can help you avoid identity theft in a variety of situations such as, traveling, relocating, getting married, or after a disaster. In addition, some carriers may also provide a case manager who can work with the identity theft victim to help understand the situation and what steps needed to be taken to fix things.

It is important to discuss this coverage with your independent agent and review your options with identity theft no matter which season of life you and your loved ones are in. Contact Paroubek Insurance to explore your options with Homeowners Insurance and Identity Theft coverage today!

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