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Car Theft Prevention Tips During the Holiday Season

Thanksgiving and Christmas are coming up and many people have started their Holiday shopping early while others are waiting for the best deals to come around during Black Friday. Even during Holidays car thefts can still occur. Before you head out shopping this Holiday season, review these helpful car theft prevention tips to keep you and your Holiday shopping safe:

· Hide any shopping bags that are inside your car. You may be walking out of the mall or and do not realize thieves may be walking in plain sight looking for their next victim. Hide your purchases under a blanket or better yet, put them away in your trunk. For smaller items, use the interior storage compartments of your vehicle and keep your Holiday gifts safe and out of sight. Always remember to lock your cars especially if you are returning inside the mall or store for more shopping to do.

· Be aware of your surroundings. When parking your vehicle, take note of the area and people. Look out for suspicious activity or anyone who may be walking too close or who may be following you. When entering your car or walking out be sure to lock your doors right away. When shopping in the evenings, park in well-lit areas and parking lots closer to the mall or store entrance doors.

· Use Common Sense: Don’t Leave keys in your ignition and keep your windows and sunroof closed. Don’t forget to lock your doors every time you leave your car.

· Use a warning device. A visible or audible anti-theft device such as a car alarm, brake locks, steering column collars and locks and theft deterrent decals. Car alarms can help scare off thieves who try break into your car and alert surrounding people of a car thief.

· Document your recent purchases and keep your receipts. Purchasing anything expensive? Consider taking a photo for documentation and keep your receipts to show proof of purchase.

**As a reminder, make sure your car is appropriately insured and protected. To make sure you are covered for a car theft, you must have comprehensive coverage on your auto insurance policy. Comprehensive insurance provides coverage for car thefts, vandalism, accidents with an animal, windshield damages and from other accidents such as damage from an attempted break-in or stolen car parts.

It is important to understand that personal items in your car most likely will not be covered under your auto insurance during a car theft such as a laptop or camera. If you have a homeowner’s or renters insurance policy this would provide coverage for your personal belongings if it was stolen in a car theft.

Also, it is important to know what your comprehensive deductible limit is. This limit may apply first and reduce your insurance payout if you should file a claim. Be sure to contact your independent agent to review your coverages and deductibles and understand how your deductibles apply in various claim situations.

Contact Paroubek Insurance to discuss what your options are when it comes to Auto insurance and review what coverages are best for you and your family.


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