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Back to School Shopping Tips and Healthy Habits

August is National Back to School Month! Due to the rise in inflation, prices are increasing even for back-to-school shopping. We have found 5 great tips on ways to save on back-to-school shopping.

1. Take advantage of tax holidays and hunt for sales. There are many states which offer a no sales tax on select items such as clothing, books, and office /school supplies. Every state has their own restrictions. Keep in mind to always be on the hunt for sales! Many stores may offer additional discounts and have ongoing sales for specific school supply items during this time.

2. Do not overspend on items your kid may not need.

3. Wait to Buy. Do not feel pressure to buy every single item on your child’s supply list. Ask the teachers; some school items are needed right way while other items can be purchased later.

4. Compare prices before you buy.

5. Go Shopping with a plan.

Besides preparing for back-to-school shopping, it is important to help your children develop healthy back to school habits. Creating healthy lunches and fitting in family physical activities can help keep your kids on the right track this school year. We have highlighted 3 healthy habits you can begin with your children this school year from the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute. Healthy Habits:

1. Eat Right -Use the ABCs’ A: Always use ads and store bonus card, which may offer discounts on healthy foods like fruits and veggies. B: Buy produce in season to cut costs. C: Compare brands and package sizes to find the best buy.

2. Get Active -Keep track of how you family spends time for one week. -Start small with 30- minute time slots for our family to be active together after school or on the weekends.

-Get going with these creative activities: Walk your kids to school, ride bikes after dinner, walk the dog, dance, shoot baskets, play tag, rake leaves, play baseball, go to the park.

3. Reduce Screen Time -Turn off the tv during mealtimes and talk with your children about their school day.

-Limit screen time to 2 hours each day for children 2 or older. -Suggest playing outside.

-Turn on some music and have a family dance party.

-Be a good role model. If you reduce your screen time and move more, your kids will too.

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