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Adding Drivers to my Auto Insurance policy

Throughout the year there may be multiple changes in your life which may impact your auto insurance policy. One of the most common changes and questions is, “When should I or may I be required to add another driver to my car insurance policy?”

According to the WI Office of the Commissioner of Insurance, “The personal automobile policy provides coverage to the named insured, spouse, and other relatives living in the home, and anyone who has permission from the insured to operate the vehicle”.

Therefore, you may add any drivers that live at your permanent address like your spouse, domestic partner, and other relatives and most insurance companies will require it. Although, there are some states that may allow you to exclude a driver from being covered by the policy.

Below are common drivers that can be added to a policy:

· Significant other: Unmarried couples who live together should add each other to their policies or share one policy. If you don't live together, but your significant other regularly drives your car, then you should add them to your policy.

· Spouse: Many insurance companies require married couples who live together to be on the same policy.

· Teen driver or college student: If your teen driver or college student has a valid driver's license, you should add them as a driver on your policy.

Some insurance companies require newly licensed teen drivers to be added to a parent or guardian’s auto insurance policy or take out their own insurance policy once they get their license. For example, if a car is titled only to the child’s name, that child will need to have their separate auto insurance policy because there is no parent or guardian has any insurable interest in the vehicle.

In other situations, if a teen driver only has a learner’s permit usually insurance companies would provide automatic coverage under your policy for him or her. Only until the teen driver receives their official “Driver’s License” would they need to be listed as an “additional driver” on the auto policy. Always make sure you thoroughly review your auto coverages and listed drivers. Your best course of action is to talk to your independent agent and discuss any new changes that occur throughout the year.

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