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10 Fun Fall Activities for Families

With the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, many of the Fall activities we have all come to love has been cancelled or restricted but there are still some great alternatives that we can enjoy together as the Fall season is upon us. Below we have 10 fun Fall activities that your family can enjoy doing together:

1. Enjoy a Family Picnic. You can create a fun family picnic right outside your backyard or visit a local state park and enjoy all the great Fall foliage. Some great local state park and sites to see the beautiful Fall colors are Green Bay Botanical Garden, Thornberry Creek at Oneida, Washington Island, Peninsula State Park, Cave Point County Park, High Cliff State Park, and more.

2. Create your Own Family Movie Theater Experience. Many families are so creative in taking the movies outdoors by setting up a projector with a homemade blanket screen in their backyard. Others have gone as far as creating small drive-in cars made from cardboard for each child to have their own drive-in movie experience. Whether you want to snuggle inside in your theater room and make your own movie theater treats or bring the movies outdoors; having a family movie is a must have with the cooler Fall weather.

3. Plan a Family Game Night. Pull out the board games from Candyland, Jenga, Monopoly and card games like UNO, Go-Fish, Slap Jack, and War. Your family is sure to enjoy the fun with all the competitive personalities that may come out. Try some new kid board games like, The Floor is Lava, or Pickles to Penguins or the classic Pictionary and Charades if your family is into drawing and acting.

4. Start a Bonfire. Whether you are planning on toasting marshmallows for smores or get snuggled in a warm blanket with a cup of hot apple cider; having a family bonfire especially at night underneath the stars is a great way for kids to enjoy the Fall season.

5. Plan a Fall Scavenger Hunt. With the leaves changing colors, and pine cones falling on the ground, to seeing different birds migrating; having a Fall scavenger hunt would be a great sensory and fun activity for the whole family. Make a list of items to find and race away to see who can finds them all first.

6. Fly a Kite. With the cooler weather, comes the brisk winds which is why Fall is the perfect season to take kites out with the kids. Look for an open field away from bushes and large trees at a park and enjoy the windy weather with your kites.

7. Bake Together. Even with some cancellations to Fall festivals and farm events, bake up some homemade pies, caramel apples, and make your own homemade apple cider. Some local bakeries even have pie kits, donut kits or fall cookie kits that come with all the frosting and sprinkles as well.

8. Start Planting. This activity is a great sensory and motor activity for the kids and one activity that is okay to get their hands dirty. Start planting for the spring season by prepping your flower bulbs in the fall. Tulip, Day lilies, Iris, Peonies, Daffodils are some great flower bulbs to plant in the Fall season. By the time Spring comes up again next year, you will have blooming arrays of flowers to be smiling at.

9. Go Hiking. With all the beautiful colors changing in Fall take the kids out and go hit the beautiful state parks and the hiking trails. Or enjoy the fall foliage along the local trails of the Fox River, East River Trail, Voyageur Park, UW-Green Bay Arboretum Trail, etc.

10. Take a Fall Foliage Drive. Get the kids buckled up in the car and go for a scenic drive along some of the best fall foliage driving routes. Check out some of the scenic drives you can take from Travel Wisconsin or The Bobbler Discover Wisconsin

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