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Tips for Staying Healthy While at Work

For many people, it is typical to work an 8 hour shift each day and for others it could very well be 12- 15 hour shifts instead. On top of our daily work schedule many people have families to go home to, hobbies, volunteering, and other priorities outside of their job. This could end up with our health being put aside and buried under our long list of priorities and daily tasks. Below we have highlighted some great tips to help promote health and wellness at work from

1. Be mindful of snacking

2. Drink plenty of water

3. Restrict caffeine intake

4. Maintain good posture

5. Take frequent breaks

6. Keep your workstation clean and sanitized

7. Be hygienic

8. Avoid mingling with sick employees

9. Eat a healthy lunch

10. Learn to manage stress

April is also National Stress Awareness Month according to It is important to be aware of stress while on and off the job because it reminds us to pay attention to our health. Be sure to practice meditation, keep exercising regularly and visit your doctor to help observe stress awareness.

To learn more about Stress Awareness Month visit :


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