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Fun Budget-Friendly Ideas for Kids this Spring Break

Are you stumped about what your family is going to do this Spring Break? Or afraid the family is going to be bored and staring at the TV the whole week? We have some fun budget-friendly Spring Break ideas that you can enjoy with the whole family whether you plan on taking a vacation far away or a staycation at home.

First Create a Budget-Friendly Plan: Find activities or events that interest the whole family. Even if you aren’t up for a destination far away nor do you plan on s

Make Sure You Have Packed Everything: Sunscreen for starters, especially if you’re going somewhere hot and sunny. Extra clothes in case there are some activities that would need an extra pair of clothes to change in or out of. Be sure to bring any medications and prescriptions, even a first aid kit can be very helpful with little ones and keep your health insurance cards handy in case of an emergency or if an accident should occur.

Try Educational Activities: Visit a Children’s Museum, Library, Art Centers, or take Painting or Pottery classes. If you are feeling adventurous take a train ride at a National Railroad Museum, spend the day out at the Botanical Garden, watch sea turtles and divers feeding sharks at an Aquarium or view the stars and milky way galaxy at a Planetarium.

Make it a Movie Day: Some theaters have discount days if you’re a member, why not take advantage of that during your kids’ spring break or better yet, create your own movie-a-thon at home by converting the TV room into your very own movie theater. You can create your own theme, filling the room with bean bags, extra pillows and blankets, and a menu of theater treats and snacks.

Take a Nature Walk: Go sightseeing and walking at a local state park. Try exploring the many nature centers and the walking trails they may have or even better yet, hit up the biking trails in the city. Try some camping for a weekend or a night. If you’re stuck at home, you can utilize your own backyard or turn a room indoors into an adventurous jungle for kids. Spring can be a great time to also go fishing (Ice fishing too) at a lake or river. For those of you who have a camper or RV, reserve a spot to park your RV or camper for the day and go sightseeing and exploring at a local city nearby.

Hit up the Arcade and Family Entertainment Center:Many cities have more options for kid-friendly family entertainment centers now. Some places have action-pack activities for all ages, i.e. mini-bowling, laser tag, arcade game room, mini-golf, go-karts, batting cages, and so much more.

Get Active: Go to a community center and get the kids active by playing some rounds of Lighting in the indoor gym or enjoying some swim time during open swim pool hours. Why not get some fresh air and run around the local parks in the neighborhood? You can also enjoy getting active if the weather doesn’t cooperate by going to an indoor playground, or trampoline and inflatable parks.

*Planning Ahead is the key to having a fun, stress-free, budget--friendly Spring Break with your loved ones and planning for all your futures should be the same too. Contact us today about Life insurance for you and those you love and be sure to enjoy this Spring Break and all the ones to come!


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