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Back To School Tips During Covid-19

The fall school year has certainly been redesigned and has changed dramatically because of the pandemic. Nonetheless, the decision for children/adolescents to return to school whether remotely online or in person will be different for every family and school district. We have gathered 10 helpful back to school tips to help parents and their children prepare for the upcoming school year amid Covid-19:

1. Talk to your children. For starters, have a conversation or two with your children about how the school year will look like this fall. Maybe your child is transitioning from 4K Preschool to Kindergarten or from high school to their first year in college; talk about how that change will look like. As well, talk about changes that could be put into placed due to Covid-19, such as implementation of masks, social distancing, smaller in classroom settings, social interaction with others, etc.

2. Keep communication lines open. Communication is key when it comes to any child’s learning, especially when you have children in elementary school or children with learning disabilities. It is best to always keep communication lines open with teachers or school staff to see what changes will be implemented throughout the school year. Do not be afraid to voice your concerns if the teaching styles or homework activities whether online or in person are not working for your child. Communicating with teachers and school staff consistently will help you and your children transition successfully during the school year.

3. Create a routine/schedule. Sometimes it really does seem like time passes us by and we may feel as though we did not accomplish as much as we want to throughout the day. Why not create a routine or a schedule of how the day/week would look like? From homework time, breaks, tv/social media/tablet times, etc. Having a simple schedule drawn out of how the day is going to be like will be most helpful for children and parents.

4. Remember to practice proper handwashing and social distancing techniques. Washing your hands often is a great way to keep germs away. For children, it is best to remind them more than once throughout the day to wash their hands before and after they eat; as well as after sneezing, coughing, or touching their face mask. The CDC has great tips on handwashing for children here. Also, if children are going to be in school, talk to them about how they can keep themselves safe at school, i.e. keeping a safe distance from others, washing their hands often, keeping their face masks on, etc.

5. Plan for transportation, emergencies, and school closings. Put a plan in place for your child’s transportation to and from school and help them to be aware of rules if riding on the bus or where to be picked up and dropped off if personally dropping them off or having someone else. In case of school emergencies, closings, or longer quarantine weeks away from school, have a plan put in place should a situation come up that changes.

For students in college, make sure they have reliable transportation and alternative housing if dorms should close. If your college student is away from home without a vehicle, make sure to check with your insurance regarding adjusting your auto policy coverages for your student. Also, like many students today, several are opting out of onsite campus living. Many parents are helping their students rent a place nearby school and most often rental leases are signed earlier before the start of the semester. Be sure to look at getting renter’s insurance and taking full advantage of the benefits it has to offer your college student while they are living offsite.

6. Utilize resources and services provided by your school and district. There are so many different services and resources that our school and district had provided to all families. Make sure to check your school and district’s services to help with your child regarding counseling, psychological services, to peer/social groups, etc. Check with your school to see if they provide training to help support the mental health and behavior of children when it comes to stress, anxiety, and other emotions they may be feeling during this new transition with school and the pandemic still going on.

7. Stay healthy by getting plenty of rest, eating well, and taking plenty of breaks. The best thing we can do for our families, are taking care of each other by making sure everyone is eating well, getting enough sleep at night and taking several breaks throughout the day from the stress and change of life with the Coronavirus still going on.

Schools everywhere across county, city, and state lines are redesigning how the school year is going to be like during the Covid-19 pandemic. Remember, the best thing you can do is make sure your family is well cared for. Getting plenty of rest, taking frequent breaks, staying connected and preparing ahead for emergencies and closings are things we can do. For students near and far who are driving, be sure to have proper auto coverage for them while they are away from home. Do consider life insurance for all members of your family, whether it is a newborn, for teens, to grandparents. If you have not reviewed all your personal insurance needs since the beginning of this 2020 year, why not review it right now during mid-year? Contact Paroubek Insurance today and we will help you find the proper coverages to help keep you and your family safe and well!



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