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How Dash Cams Can Help Save Truckers Money

Technology has changed just about every industry in the world, and the trucking industry is no different. It has allowed companies to monitor the mileage, routes, and behaviors of their drivers while also making communication easier than ever. Although it may not be new technology, the implementation of dash cams to your fleet could help save you quite a bit of time and money. The following will be a couple of reasons why a business owner may want to look at installing dash cams on all their trucks.

Helps Prevent Insurance Fraud:

Insurance fraud is unfortunately something that is quite common in the trucking industry. People look to take advantage of truckers because they know they must have insurance in force in order to have trucks on the road. Drivers will intentionally look to get into accidents with a truck and try to get a large payment from the insurance company. It is not uncommon to see them invite passengers to be a part of the accident as well to raise the total dollar amount of the claim. In the end this is not only dangerous for truck drivers but can also cost the business and insurance company a lot of money. Dash Cams can help prevent these types of situations from happening. By having a video of the incident, the police and insurance companies can see exactly what happened and determine if this was someone looking to commit insurance fraud. Without that video, it can be much harder to prove what happened. Even if you are able to prove this was a case of insurance fraud, it can potentially take a long time to get everything figured out without having that video evidence.

Clears Up Claims Quicker and Easier:

If the truck driver is in a legitimate accident, there can still be mismatching stories between the involved parties. It is not always cut and dry as to who was at fault for the accident. This can lead to a lot of back and forth between both insurance companies and the drivers. If there is clear video of what happened, it can help the claim get settled and allow everyone involved to move on faster. Since trucking companies are more often assumed at fault for accidents, video can really help show what truly happened.

Shows Insurance Companies Business is Serious About Fleet Safety:

Installing dash cams on all your trucks lets the insurance company know that safety is of the utmost importance to you. Extra measures like this go a long way in keeping your insurance premiums down and possibly even qualifying for some discounts. Of course, accidents can happen no matter what you do, but this let’s the insurance company know that you care about your employee’s safety and are focused at keeping the number of claims to a minimum. With dash cams, they also like knowing that they will not always have to put in as much time and money towards determining the cause of accidents or covering claims that were not actually the truck driver’s fault.

Encourages Safe Driving Practices:

With the shortage of drivers we have today, many companies are forced to hire inexperienced drivers or drivers with less than perfect records. Dash cam footage can also be used to make sure your own drivers are practicing safe driving techniques, like leaving proper distance between themselves and the vehicle they are following. Reviewing the footage every once in awhile to make sure your drivers are being safe is a good way to help prevent future accidents that you may be found at fault for.

Overall, Dash Cams can help your business in many ways. They help your insurance premiums down, reduce the risk of insurance fraud, and most importantly they keep your drivers safe.


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