• Derek Madson

Safe Driving Practices for Businesses

As a business owner, you place a lot of trust in your employees. You trust them to make good decisions each and every day to make sure work gets done in a safe and efficient manner. Therefore, it is important to understand who you are hiring, and to make sure those you do hire are well trained. Here are a couple of practices that you can implement to reduce your risk of loss.

First, before you hire any driver, you should always make sure you check their Motor Vehicle Record (MVR). An MVR will show driving history, information about your driver’s license, information about traffic violations, and also some personal information. All of this information will give you a little bit of an idea who you are hiring, and if you can expect them to practice safe driving habits or not. If someone has a history of careless driving, you will want to carefully consider the risk of hiring such a person and the possible risk they bring to your business. A poor hiring decision could be very costly for your business. Not to mention, these employees represent your business and it is important for you to consider what kind of representation your new hire will bring.

Another practice your business can implement is a Driver Mentorship Program. A mentorship program is flexible and can be put in place in whatever way you think best suits your business. However you decide to set it up, the main goals of a mentorship program are to 1) Provide training for new drivers, 2) A chance to show experienced drivers they are appreciated, and 3) Give your experienced drivers a reason to be invested in the success of new employees. Training new employees is vital to the success of your business. If an employee is well trained they are more likely to stay with you. It will lower your employee turnover, which will make things much easier for you since the industry is currently experiencing a driver shortage. Experienced drivers are also less likely to be involved in accidents, so the more experienced drivers you have, the less likely you are to have losses that would cause your insurance premiums to go up. With a mentorship training program in place, you are able to instill your business practices and values in new drivers, while also keeping experienced drivers refreshed. Along with keeping the experienced drivers up to date with company practices, allowing them to be a mentor to new drivers will make them see that you value their knowledge and experience from the time they have spent with your business. This will keep morale up among employees and prevent experienced employees from feeling bored or tired of their job. It will also give the experienced drivers a feeling of accomplishment when a trainee they worked with becomes a valuable employee of the company. Overall, it will help your drivers be safer on and off the road while also improving the culture and comradery of your business.

These are just a couple of tips to help improve your businesses safety practices. While these would be a very good start to a safety program, there are many other options that you have when implementing a business safety program. The more you can do to make sure your business and employees are operating safely, the more successful your business can be.

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