• Katie Vanden Avond

Workplace Wellness

If you are a business owner, employer or boss,

here are 4 Simple Action Steps for Workplace Wellness!

Every type of business is effected by employee wellness on a day to day basis

  1. Encourage employees to be active: ask local gyms about corporate discounts, organize walking challenges and distribute inexpensive odometers or post reminders about taking breaks to give bodies (and minds) a breather

  2. Promote nutritional health: consider vending machine options that offer healthy snacks and beverages, stock the break room with fresh fruit and other healthy snacks, install a water cooler and give each employee refillable bottles, furnish the kitchenette with appliances that make it easy to prepare healthy lunches, or create opportunities for healthy potluck lunches to cultivate camaraderie and healthy recipe sharing

  3. Create a healthy work environment: ensure indoor air quality by keeping filters and duct work clean, monitor the temperature, use bright colors in the office to improve mood, focus and accuracy, provide a quiet room for employees who need a place to concentrate, or look for opportunities to provide loud spaces like break rooms to cultivate interaction and collaboration

  4. Promote sanitation and healthy behaviors: install hand santizer dispensers, offer flu vaccinations at work, provide flexible-working opportunities so contagious employees can remain productive from home, or provide antibacterial wipes so employees can sanitize work surfaces


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