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Protect Your Identity

Identity theft is always an important threat to be aware of, but with recent news of a major data breach now is a good time to think about ways you can protect your identity!

Unfortunately, the convenience of the digital world puts you at a far greater risk of being hacked as a consumer. Use these tips to help prevent your identity from being stolen;

1. Use strong passwords. Unique passwords and avoiding using personal information (like birth dates or names) can prevent you from being hacked. Use a different password for every website. Even using similar passwords on different websites puts you at risk for a their getting a hold of all of your log in information!

2. Check your credit annually. Review your credit reports to ensure there haven't been any lines opened in your name that you have not authorized.

3. Shred documents with personal information on them. Simply ripping up bank or credit card statements before throwing them away is not enough to stop a thief, so take the extra step. If you don't have a shredder, some local businesses or banks may offer to shred your docs for free!

4. Keep important documents in an immobile safe. Leaving your social security card, credit card information and other important docs in a file cabinet at home is not safe enough! Home burglars tend to also be identity thieves and seek out file cabinets along with your other possessions. Keep copies of your credit cards in a safe as well, that way in an event of a card being stolen you'll will have all of the necessary information to freeze or cancel it.

5. Use caution when asked for personal information over the phone or online. Take extra steps to be sure the person or website you are working with is really the company you think it is!

Not all identity theft is preventable, but taking these steps will lower your risk of it happening.

Consider adding an Identity Fraud Coverage to your insurance.

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