• Katie Vanden Avond

Camping Tips

Whether you've been enjoying camping for years or you're thinking of starting a new hobby, these tips can help keep your trip safe and enjoyable!

Lock Your Vehicle - especially when tent camping, valuables can be easily stolen. The best place to store any valuables you brought along is in your vehicle.

Get to Know Your Neighbors - taking the time to talk to the people in surrounding campsites can give you a better idea of how safe you and your belongings are.

Lock Items to A Tree - bring a cable lock along with you and lock up bikes, grills and anything mobile or too big to put in your car or camper.

Choose the Right Campground - before you book, check to see if the campground has anyone on patrol, security gates at entrances and surveillance cameras.

Properly Store Food - animals can be thieves too! Food should be in airtight containers to prevent the smell of your food from attracting animals to your sight.

Pay Close Attention to Weather - summer storms can happen without much notice. When you come across one camping, make sure all of your items are secured and tents or campers are properly staked in the event of high winds.

Dry Things Out in the Sun - air out your gear during the day so you can keep an eye on it. Don't assume items are safe to be left out overnight.

Leave Valuables Home - camping should be about enjoying the outdoors, leaving laptops and tablets at home is the best way to keep them safe!

Invest in Surveillance - purchase a cheap motion detecting camera so that you can keep an eye on your sight while you're out exploring. Some systems even have text alert capabilities.


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