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Swimming Pool Safety

Swimming pool season is in full swing in Wisconsin!

Here are a few tips for pool owners and parents of children using swimming pools to help keep everyone safe. Supervision is by far the most important element of swimming pool safety. Caution, preventative measures and safety devices also go a long way in reducing the risk of drowning.

  • Properly protect the pool with fences, latched gates, pool covers and locked doors.

  • Children should ALWAYS be supervised when in the water and in a pool area.

  • Drowning can happen to anyone, stay alert and aware.

  • Do not allow anyone under the influence of alcohol to swim.

  • Pool filters can injure children or prevent them from surfacing because of their suction, keep children away from them and advise children where they are in the pool.

  • Enforce these rules;

1. No Pushing 2. No Running 3. No Dunking 4. Never Swim Alone

  • Do no swim if you are tired or just finished eating and do not let children do so

  • Ask all guests of your pool if they are capable of swimming, even if they don't plan to. Anyone supervising children should know how to swim and in the event of a incident it is important to know who can help.

  • Experienced swimmers and flotation devices do not guarantee a child's safety. Constant supervision is far more likely to prevent a casualty.

  • Go over pool safety with your children and any babysitters who may be supervising them while they swim.

  • Be sure that any neighbors with pools are following the proper safety guidelines in order to protect your children and others.

  • Never use the pool during a storm or when there is thunder or lightning

  • Frequently check pool areas for accident risks such as bottles, toys and trip hazards.

  • Distractions like conversations, phone calls, chores or the events of a party pose a huge risk to the children who are being supervised. If you are not focused on them, get them out of the pool and secure the pool until you are ready to supervise them again.

  • Never dive into an above ground pool. Clarify the depth of the pool before ever diving into an in ground pool. As a pool owner, adding depth markings can prevent someone from diving in a place that is too shallow.

  • Keep all electronic devices away from pools and wet surfaces. As a pool owner, consider having a ground fault interrupter installed.


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