• Katie Vanden Avond

Sitting on the Job?

If you spend your entire work day sitting at a desk, it can be hard on your body. Neck, back and hip strain can be caused by sitting for long periods of time. Especially when using a computer - your arms, wrists and hands are taking on extra stress. Sitting for extended periods of time can even cause fatigue.

Consider these tips if you sit on the job:

  • Sit close to your desk and raise the surface to be slightly above your waist. Your feet should be flat on the floor.

  • Find the balance between slouching and sitting up perfectly straight - be upright, but relaxed. In order to reduce strain on your neck, your ears should be aligned with your shoulders while seated.

  • Change positions frequently and get up and move around on a regular basis. Sprinkle in some exercises if you can!

  • If working on a keyboard, be sure your arms are supported. Use proper ergonomics to reduce discomfort and fatigue!

Let's talk about your chair:

  • Swivel chairs that are on wheels and on hard surfaces are best for easy movement and preventing strain. An adjustable chair is ideal for being able to change positions often!

  • Your chair should contour to your back and provide lower back support.

Outside of work, getting regular exercise and improving your endurance, flexibility and muscle tone can prevent many of the issues that arise from sitting all day!


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