• Katie Vanden Avond

Security Tips for Building a New Home

5 Simple Security Tips

to Consider When Building a New Home

Home security doesn't have to mean spending tons of money on a security system. These few tips can give you the same peace of mind, without the cost.

1. Look Occupied

With daytime break-ins becoming more common, here are a few ways to make your home look occupied during the day.

  • Keep lights on in the most visible rooms in the house. You can install a timer to have them turned on and off if you don’t want them on for eight hours straight.

  • Don’t let mail pile up while you’re away. Ask a friend or neighbor to pick it up each morning and leave it in your home. This way, if anyone is watching, it appears as though people are checking in and going in and out of the home.

Have landscapers come at all different times so there’s someone there at various times throughout the day. It will be harder for burglars to spot a pattern this way.

2. Fake Cameras

Purchasing fake security cameras may seem ineffective, but if they look real they could deter a criminal. Since criminals are most active at night, having a fake camera with a battery operated blinking light and security stickers that say "This home is protected by..." could be enough to stop a crime. Place them in each entrance to the home. For a fraction of the cost, buying fake cameras may be an alternative if you don't want to spend the money on a full blown security system.

3. Fewer Windows

Although most people want more windows to add natural light, they do make your home an easier target for intruders. Statistically, almost 30% of burglars enter a home via open windows and doors. After opening windows for fresh air, it can be an easy mistake to forget to lock them. Tinted windows in your garage can prevent a burglar from being able to tell if you are home or not, same with entrance doors and first floor windows (or using blinds is an alternative).

4. Landscaping

Large trees and bushes can be what criminals look for when considering a home, because if someone were to show up, they use them to hide behind. Keep landscaping simple, trim and polished. Plants that are low to the ground are ideal, but also consider rose bushes or other plants that are abrasive. Additionally, using gravel or rock instead of mulch allows you to hear when someone who is outside your home.

5. Video Camera Door Bell

Video camera door bells are more affordable than most security cameras and are easy to install. They provide a live stream video of your front porch at all times and motion detectors that can send alerts to your smart phone. Having a video camera door bell could deter your kids from opening the door to a stranger and keep your home safe. Newer models may even include a two way audio feature, which would provide additional security when you're not home because you can communicate with anyone who is at your door.


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